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Taylor, MI Dental Implants Services

Dental Implants services in Taylor MI

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular method among patients for replacing missing or decaying teeth and their roots. Dental practices offering dental implant installation have the potential to reach more patients than those that do not install dental implants. Aspire Surgical provides dental implant training for you and your staff in your own office. Our unique training method involves three key components that include didactic knowledge, a simulation lab and hands-on live patient training.

Didactic Knowledge

The first step in dental implant training involves the acquisition of didactic knowledge through private instruction and mentorship. Our goal in working with other dental professionals in a mentorship capacity is to ensure complete competency. After completing our dental implant training program you should be fully capable of performing dental implant procedures. As part of the training, we provide a surgical syllabus with specifically developed points to help you achieve complete competency.

Simulation Lab Training

The second step in our dental implant training and mentorship program is the use of a simulation lab. The simulation lab allows you to experience and practice dental implant surgery in an interactive setting that mimics a real life situation before performing the procedure on an actual patient. The simulation affords you the opportunity to repeat complex skills as many times as you want, or need, with a variety of difficulty levels to help you hone your techniques. A trained instructor is always available to provide feedback immediately after you have used the simulation program.

Hands-On Live Patient Training

The final component of your dental implant training with Dentistry.Calm involves hands-on live patient training. This portion of the training program includes two distinct programs. The first covers basic implant procedures, while the second focuses on advanced implantology and reconstruction procedures.

For both of these programs, a mentor will come to your office to train you and your staff in person. Actual dental implant surgeries will be performed on your patients in your office. This hands-on live patient training, supervised by a mentor, ensures that you and your staff develop the skills needed to perform dental implant procedures.

Offering dental implant surgery to your patients benefits both you and them. Dentistry.Calm in Taylor, MI provides exceptional dental implant training and will mentor you so that you may achieve complete competency. (734) 946-7700

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